Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cake, Grasshoppers and Screams..

Saturday night, we are picking up the kids to head home after a night on the town. The kids have made a cake with Grandma and we have all piled into the car to head home. As we driving home, my wife proceeds to start screaming and I can not quickly figure out what is going on. After the initial screaming has passed, she proceeds to explain that there is a grasshopper jumping around her side of the vehicle. The grasshopper jumps down her dress top, jumps out onto the dashboard where I proceed to try to grab it. As I reach across the dash for the grasshopper, it makes a leap onto the cake the kids have made. Through the tears of laughter I now am experiencing, I grab the grasshoper out of the icing and proceed to throw it out the driver's window. What an exciting way to ride home - the kids are now worried about the cake being contaminated, worried about what happened to the grasshopper and their mother is now laughing hysterically along with myself.

I knew when I signed up to be married and to be a dad, I would be called upon to "save" my family from these types of "attacks", this just might have been one of the funniest I have experienced.

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